The meaning of ‘groundworks’ refers to the work carried out to prepare the ground and below ground to enable the start of a construction project. In short, Groundworks is the first set of activities involved on a construction site that lead to the foundations being laid and we offer this service to help you get your projects off to the best start.

Groundworks involve a whole range of services, and the services needed will vary for each construction project. Aside from any demolition works or site enabling works that may need to be carried out, groundworks fundamentally involves; ground investigation, site clearance, installation of footings and foundations and the provisions for drainage, cabling and the installation of utilities such as fibre optic cables, telephone lines, and gas pipes and finally landscaping.

Hard Landscaping

This consists of an expert architecture and a professional garden design.

Soft landscaping

This consists of regular maintenance or contract work for commercial companies.

Patios, Driveways & Decking

We have years of experience in installing patios, driveways and decking areas. 


We offer all aspects of ground working to help your project start in the best possible way.

Tree Surgery

We have a team of fully licensed, professional tree surgeons to tackle all of your arboricultural and tree work needs.

Professional Design

Our expert team specialise in designing your garden to suit your home and incorporate current features.

Garden Lighting

Whether you are looking for something creative or practical, you can add that finishing touch to your design.